quarta-feira, junho 08, 2011

O Cérebro e os Encontros de Lindau

O Scientific American, celebra a 61ª edição dos encontros de Lindau, na Alemanha, publicando na sua edição online parte de um artigo do nobelizado em 1981 David H. Hubel a propósito do cérebro.
Eis um excerto:
At the present stage, with a reasonable start in understanding the structure and working of individual cells, neurobiologists are in the position of a man who knows something about the physics of resistors, condensers and transistors, and who looks inside a television set. He cannot begin to understand how the machine works as a whole until he learns how the elements are wired together and until he has at least some idea of the purpose of the machine, of its subassemblies and of their interactions.